What's Kindbot?

Kindbot is a digital garden robot, packing an app,
sensors, voice-control, and AI to eliminate
guess work, automate your grow, and maximize yields.

Why Kindbot?

Plants do not talk, so gardeners must interpret visual cues
such as drooping plants,visual signs of stress or pests,
or estimating harvest time/yields.

No existing product interprets growing conditions
to simplify gardening. Pricey apps offer access to human
expertise but don't scale. Grow boxes are constraining and not affordable.

Kindbot gardens like we do, using computer vision and
interpreting environmental sensor data
to automate and control your grow.

Kindbot Sees

Kindbot makes decisions based on what it sees, just like human gardeners. Kindbot estimates yield or harvest time, and can notify gardeners when it spots issues requiring a human touch.

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Kindbot Specs

Kindbot is a tiny computer connected to a tiny camera with environmental sensors to give a monumental gardening experience.

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Keep in touch

The world gets smaller as Kindbot allows you to remote-control your grow with a mobile app, Google Assistant, Alexa, and smart plug integrations.

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