What we do

We are technologists with the goal to build
easy to use, accessible, smarter
cannabis cultivation tools for all growers.

How we do it

  • AI Powered

  • Using state-of-the-art in deep learning,
    we extract valuable insights to
    let machines garden like a master grower.

  • Accessible

  • Whether you grow in a tent
    or operate a large greenhouse,
    we've designed our tools for any kind of grower.

  • Easy to use

  • We've put this tech in simple and familiar
    web apps, mobile apps, APIs, and IoT devices.

For all growers

Kindbot Buddy is a plant diagnosis engine for anyone to upload an image of their plant and get instant feedback. Receive useful resources and recommendations to solve the most common cannabis issues. Diagnose your grow in real-time using the minimal mobile platforms available for iOS and Android devices.

For home growers

Kindbot is an environmental controller for small grows. It measures plant health using computer vision, logs environmental sensor data, and uses state-of-the-art RL models to adaptively control appliances with smart plugs. Kindbot maintains your ideal environmental conditions for your plants, notifying you when the garden needs a human touch - all this on device.

For commerical growers

The Buddy API is a plant diagnosis service for large scale growers. Quickly assess plant conditions and monitor crop health by submitting batches of images to our cannabis diagnosis models.

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Meet the Team


Salma Mayorquin Co-Founder

Designing software with simplicity in mind, Salma aims to lower the barriers to growing quality cannabis.


Terry Rodriguez Co-Founder

Drawing on growing successes and failures, Terry blends AI and hardware hacking to help build the most sophisticated cannabis growing technology.

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