Know your Grow

Kindbot combines standard sensors with a small webcam to extract valuable insights on plant health, interpreting growing conditions and executing adaptive environmental control. All this on device, using AI and computer vision.

Minimal and Flexible

Its minimal hardware and advanced software keeps Kindbot accessible and reliable. Designed with flexibility in mind, you can mount Kindbot anywhere with any standard camera equipment.

Easy to Use

Fully customize and control your grow with the simple and easy to use mobile app. Kindbot works with popular home automation platforms for a seamless integration into your home.

Kindbot Buddy

We are dedicated to making AI useful and accessible to growers.
Kindbot Buddy will help you diagnose issues in your grow simply by submitting an image of the problem.

Meet the Team


Salma Mayorquin Co-Founder

Designing software with simplicity in mind, Salma aims to lower the barriers to growing quality cannabis.


Terry Rodriguez Co-Founder

Drawing on growing successes and failures, Terry blends AI and hardware hacking to help build the most sophisticated cannabis growing technology.

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